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The Glorious Adventures of the Fcukups!

Sarcasm and hyperboles do not fcuk_off make.

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What is fcuk_off?

This community was started January 2004, when Cindy and Leigh were bored. Cindy created the community in hopes of creating a place for us friends to chat and hang out at. That's all.

FCUK is not spelled wrong. It comes from a clothing brand named "French Connection United Kingdom," better known as FCUK. This became an inside joke between Cindy and Leigh and we have chosen this name so intruders of our community can fcuk off. Yes, fcuk off.

We're not "elite" or "bitchy," though membership is CLOSED. I (Cindy) accidentally left it open once and some random stranger joined, but other than that, we're just a group of friends that hang out. Some members have left their LJ's, which is saddening, but that doesn't mean that we're not friends or anything.

aquarii - Cindy aka Calcium, Cindy Lou, Pindy Poo Pang, the Fireman, the Blender
bcbaseball2k3 - Michael aka Furry Roll, Math Nerd, Cindy's 1337 twin
chachoism - Craig aka Chacho, the Pirate, the Irish one, the Cripple
chibidono - Isa aka Dutch Boy, the Nazi, the Blender, Plague, Denise's husband
everlasting_ - Kate aka Pip
iproclaimmedork - Amy aka Persephone
jadefox19 - Denise aka Isa's wife, Densie, Turtle killer
justa_shadow - Courtney aka Cinnamaroll, Tooni, Stalker, STEAK HATER
lonolella - Neha aka the Harry-obsessed-one, the one who never updates. Ever.
majhas99 - Johnny aka JT3, Majhas
maybe_not_ - Alex aka Catalina, Pudding, Pantalones
pinkska89 - Alexa aka Swiss Miss
psycomare125 - Caitlin aka Chibi, Pinkeye, Hoofie, the Blonde
this_mystery_ - Lovee aka Piper, Cindy's Cheapo Brand Friend
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